Essentials to Know About Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aims to improve a website's ranking in organic search results. SEO services encompass all processes geared towards this goal. Proper search engine optimization makes your website, and thus your products or services, more visible and accessible to those searching for similar offerings. SEO is regarded as the most prestigious and high-value method to drive traffic to a website. Through SEO, you can conduct an efficient and cost-effective digital marketing campaign. It's important to prepare the most accurate search engine optimization strategy. Successful SEO should not be about quick results through short-term actions; it should find permanent solutions to ensure sustainability. Like all digital marketing efforts, search engine optimization should be supported by other services, such as social media marketing and Google ads.

These additional services complement SEO by expanding the reach and visibility of a website across various platforms. Social media marketing allows businesses to connect with their target audience on popular social networks, enabling them to build brand awareness and engage with potential customers. With carefully crafted content and strategic advertising, businesses can drive traffic back to their website while also enhancing their overall online presence.

Similarly, Google ads provide an effective way to reach potential customers who are actively searching for the products or services offered by a business. By bidding on relevant keywords related to their offerings, businesses can display targeted advertisements at the top of search engine results pages. This not only increases visibility but also attracts qualified leads that are more likely to convert into paying customers.

When combined with SEO efforts, these complementary digital marketing strategies create a robust online presence that maximizes exposure and drives organic traffic towards a website. A holistic approach ensures long-term success as it establishes credibility in the eyes of search engines and users alike.
Seo Optimization

How Does Search Engine Optimization Benefit You?

Users with high purchase intent are those who search for a product or service. If a user searching for a similar product or service encounters an option that meets their expectations, they are more likely to make a purchase. Therefore, ranking high organically in search engine results pages (SERP) increases your brand's website traffic and sales.

Corporate SEO is not just for search engine bots. On the contrary, providing a good user experience is one of the primary optimization objectives. Optimizing your website for search engines not only increases traffic but also improves user experience due to technical improvements and structural adjustments made on the site.

Appearing in top search results also contributes to brand recognition. Even if users do not purchase immediately, encountering your brand and developing brand awareness positively influences future purchase decisions.

Your Advertising Costs Decrease
With SEO, which does not involve cost per click or view, you can reduce your advertising budget.

Your Organic Sales Increase
SEO increases your organic sales, leading to higher ROI values.

Your Brand Recognition Increases
Ranking high in searches related to your products and services contributes to your brand's recognition.

Your User Experience Improves
Optimizing your website for search engines enhances not just traffic, but also the user experience.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Analysis and Research
Competitor research, keyword research, site content review, visitor data analysis. technical infrastructure review,

Strategy Development
SWOT analysis, KPI Setting, information architecture creation, action plan development

SEO Consulting
Technical change recommendations, structural change recommendations, on-site SEO optimization, content adjustments, SEO backlink recommendations

Monitoring and Reporting
Technical performance, site health status, search engine visibility, SERP rankings
Seo Optimization

Areas of SEO Application

Technical SEO
Providing users with a fast and technically flawless site experience is crucial for search engine optimization. Technical optimization involves identifying areas of the website that are suitable for technical improvement and suggesting possible enhancements. The site's access speed, page loading speed, file sizes, HTML and CSS errors, broken links, etc., are tested and reported according to international standards.

The technical SEO analysis also includes checking the site's mobile responsiveness and compatibility across different devices and browsers. This ensures that visitors have a seamless experience regardless of how they access the website.

Another important aspect of technical SEO is optimizing the website's structure and architecture. This involves examining the URL structure, ensuring proper use of header tags, optimizing meta titles and descriptions, creating XML sitemaps, and implementing canonical tags to avoid duplicate content issues.

Furthermore, the analysis encompasses reviewing robots.txt file to ensure that search engines can crawl and index all desired pages while blocking irrelevant or sensitive ones. Additionally, it evaluates the site's use of structured data markup for better visibility in search results with rich snippets.

Monitoring these technical aspects on an ongoing basis helps identify any performance issues or errors that may hinder search engine rankings. Regular monitoring also allows for proactive measures to be taken to address any emerging problems promptly.

On-Page SEO
On-page optimization is done to ensure the site ranks high in search engines for targeted keywords and to determine how it will appear on search engine results pages. The site's pages are examined with internationally accepted tools to determine content and structural change suggestions. During on-page optimization, it's important to use the target keyword sufficiently in the content, use the keyword in title tags, choose the right meta description and keywords, build an internal link network, make the right choices for titles and subtitles, and create a search-friendly URL structure.

In addition, on-page optimization also involves optimizing the website's loading speed by compressing images, minifying code, and reducing server response time. A faster-loading website not only improves user experience but also has a positive impact on search engine rankings.

Another crucial aspect of on-page SEO is ensuring that the website is mobile-friendly. With an increasing number of users accessing the internet via mobile devices, it is essential to have a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes. This ensures that visitors can easily navigate and interact with the site regardless of their device.

Furthermore, incorporating relevant multimedia elements such as images and videos can enhance user engagement and make the content more visually appealing. Optimizing these media files by using appropriate alt tags, captions, or descriptions helps in improving accessibility for both search engines and users.

On-page optimization also includes improving overall site structure and organization through proper header hierarchy (H1-H6), clear navigation menus, and logical URL structures.

Off-Page Optimization
Off-page optimization covers services conducted outside the targeted website for search engine optimization. Google considers many factors during ranking calculations, such as backlinks to the site and the domain name's authority score, in addition to technical and on-page optimization processes. The fundamental step of off-page optimization is to get links from other sites to direct to our pages. Attention should be paid to many factors like the quality of incoming backlinks, the website/page they are sent from, authority values, etc. Otherwise, the site may be negatively affected by these efforts.

When it comes to off-page optimization, quality is key. It's not just about getting as many backlinks as possible; the focus should be on acquiring high-quality links from reputable and relevant websites. The more authoritative and trusted the referring site is, the better it will be for our own website's ranking.

One important aspect of off-page optimization is building relationships with other website owners or bloggers in our industry. By reaching out to them and providing valuable content or resources, we increase our chances of earning natural backlinks from their sites. This can be achieved through guest blogging, where we contribute articles to their websites in exchange for a link back to ours.

Social media also plays a significant role in off-page optimization. Sharing content on popular social platforms can help increase visibility and encourage others to share and link to our site. Additionally, engaging with our target audience on these platforms can lead to brand exposure and potentially attract natural backlinks from users who find value in what we offer.

SEO Expertise
Search engine optimization has become a distinct area of expertise alongside rapidly changing technology. Before examining the advantages, an expert SEO agency can bring to your site, it's essential to remember that a hastily prepared, cheap, and irresponsible SEO effort can harm your website. An expert agency uses both paid and free tools to perform the necessary work to make your site rank higher.

The best time to work with a search engine expert is when you are considering redesigning a site or launching a new one. However, SEO work can also be done with the aim of improving an existing site. If redesigning your site is possible, starting with a design that is search engine friendly from the beginning can be a significant advantage.

It should be remembered that Google's search results page displays both organic search results and paid advertisements. Advertising with Google does not affect your site's status in search results. Google does not add sites to search results for a fee or change their ranking. There is no cost to appear in organic search results. Therefore, search engine optimization expertise is one of the most important areas of work in today's digital marketing.

For corporate SEO, working with an agency specialized in search engines and managing cost-per-click Google ads with the same agency can provide efficiency and cost advantages.
By partnering with a specialized agency for corporate SEO and managing cost-per-click Google ads, businesses can streamline their digital marketing efforts. These agencies have the expertise to optimize websites and content to improve organic search rankings. They also possess the knowledge required to create effective paid advertising campaigns that target specific keywords and demographics, ensuring maximum visibility for businesses.

The advantages of working with a single agency are numerous. Firstly, it eliminates the need for businesses to divide their resources between multiple entities, saving both time and money. The agency's comprehensive understanding of SEO strategies allows them to align the optimization of web pages and content with the goals of the paid advertising campaigns seamlessly.

Another significant advantage is that these agencies often have access to advanced analytics tools provided by Google. These tools provide detailed insights into website performance, keyword trends, campaign success rates, click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and more. By analyzing this data in conjunction with ongoing market research, agencies can continuously fine-tune strategies for optimal results.

SEO Consultancy
If your IT team manages your website, or if the agency building and managing it is not an SEO agency, you can obtain search engine optimization services as SEO consulting from a different agency. SEO consulting involves analysis, research, strategy development, and reporting.

During SEO analysis, the technical and content data of the site are initially considered for statistical examination. The site is tested against internationally recognized auditing criteria, and issues are identified. The suitability of the site's content architecture and the adequacy of its content according to SEO rules are examined. Data from industry-standard tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and SEMrush are analyzed to determine the site's SEO status. The data is summarized for future comparisons. The site's indexing status by search engines, possible indexing omissions, and penalty situations are identified.

To clarify the site's status, data and corporate SEO strategies of competitors are determined. Keyword lists used and targeted in the industry are created, and the online presence of competitors with current trends in search engines are researched.

A SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis is prepared, considering the data of competitors. Based on the results of this analysis, 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year goals are set. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are determined. Responsibilities of parties for topics to be addressed in the business plan are established. The necessary steps for SEO improvement are compiled into a report and presented to the client. The target keywords and the site's SEO status are monitored and reported monthly.

The online presence of competitors continues to be closely monitored, taking into account current trends in search engines. In order to better understand the competitive landscape, a comprehensive SWOT analysis is conducted using data obtained from analyzing competitors' strategies and performance. This analysis helps identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may impact our business.

Don't Be Intimidated by SEO

Terms related to search engine optimization, such as keywords, bounce rates, site architecture, internal and external linking, relevant and sufficient content, on-site optimization, and competitors' keywords, may seem overwhelming. At Poligon Interactive, we offer you transparent, result-oriented search engine optimization services. Our service, starting with analysis and strategy determination, is completed with on-site optimization, content creation compliant with search engines, and backlinking consultancy. Contact us for more information about our SEO agency services.
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