At Poligon Interactive, we don't merely 'do' Google Ads; we master it. Our methodology is underpinned by rigorous analysis, cultivated knowledge from years in the field, and an unwavering dedication to achieving measurable outcomes for our clients.

Whether your business spends 500 TRY or 500,000 TRY per month on advertising, our team of Google Ads professionals 
is here to help.

We are a performance marketing agency that generates pipeline and revenue.
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Increase Your Visibility in Search Results
Boost your brand's presence on search engine results pages (SERPs) through targeted SEM campaigns. Utilize strategic keyword bidding and compelling ad copy to appear prominently for relevant searches.

Show Your Ads to the Right People, at the Right Time
Leverage SEM's powerful targeting capabilities to display your ads to users based on their search intent, location, and browsing behavior. Schedule your ads to run during peak search times for maximum visibility.

Reduce Your Ad Costs with Efficient Bidding
Optimize your bidding strategy to focus on keywords with high conversion potential and lower competition. Use smart bidding strategies and negative keywords to minimize wasted spend and improve campaign ROI.

Get More Relevant Traffic for a Fraction of the Cost
Target long-tail keywords with your SEM campaigns. These keywords are less competitive, more cost-effective, and attract users with specific intents, leading to higher relevance and conversion potential.

Increase Your Conversions through SEM
Enhance your landing pages and ad copy to align closely with search queries and user intent. This relevance boosts your Quality Score in SEM platforms, reducing costs and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Maximize the Return on Every TRY You Spend in SEM
Continuously analyze and refine your SEM campaigns based on performance data. Focus your budget on high-performing keywords and ads, and adjust strategies in real-time to ensure optimal spend and maximized returns.
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Search Advertising

We ensure that your organization consistently attains optimal placement within the search results, harnessing the intent of potential clients. We drive optimal placement and maximize returns.

Keyword Optimization
Utilizing state-of-the-art analytical tools, we delve deep into industry-specific searches, ensuring your brand's resonance with potent search intents.
Ad Copy Precision
Through A/B testing and rigorous data analysis, our ad copies have consistently outperformed industry averages, driving higher click-through rates.
Bid Management Excellence
Leveraging real-time bidding algorithms, we’ve achieved optimal placements at cost-effective rates, ensuring maximum ROI.

Performance Max

Our Performance Max campaigns utilize Google's extensive platform for a comprehensive advertising strategy, targeting the right audience with data-driven precision. We focus on conversion optimization, ensuring each interaction has the potential to achieve specific business goals. Our approach includes:

Holistic Advertising
Leveraging Google’s ecosystem to enhance your brand's visibility.
Targeted Reach
Tailoring ads to resonate with the intended audience effectively.
Optimized Conversions
Focusing on turning interactions into sales or leads.
Creative Excellence
Crafting and managing creative assets to align with brand and campaign goals.
Analytics and Adjustment
Using advanced analytics for performance evaluation and continuous improvement

Display Advertising

We curate display campaigns that seamlessly combine visual aesthetics with precision targeting. Employing advanced segmentation and algorithmic placement, we ensure your advertisements reach the most pertinent and receptive audiences within Google's vast network of partner platforms. Our use of granular targeting techniques ensures your brand's presence is felt where it matters most.

Creative Excellence
Our team of designers’ crafts visually arresting display banners tailored to brand guidelines and audience preferences.
Dynamic Targeting
Through detailed demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data, our ads strike a chord with the right audience at the right time, ensuring higher conversion rates
Placement Precision
Collaborating with premium partners, we guarantee your ads enjoy prime real estate on high-traffic websites.
Display Advertising
Video Advertising

Video Advertising

The narrative potential of video is unparalleled. Our video campaigns are the result of methodical planning, encompassing content creation, strategic positioning, and optimization. Our team crafts engaging video content, perfectly positioned to captivate on YouTube, leading to heightened brand awareness and engagement.

Content Strategy
Harnessing industry insights, we tailor video narratives that resonate, driving unparalleled engagement.
Distribution Expertise
Beyond mere views, our strategic placements on platforms like YouTube ensure active audience interaction and measurable conversion.
Performance Analysis
Post-campaign evaluations, tracking views, engagement metrics, and direct conversions, facilitating informed future campaigns.

Shopping Ads

We collaborate with your e-commerce systems to guarantee each product listing resonates with its intended audience. Using our deep knowledge of what online shoppers look for, we highlight your products in the best possible way.

Catalog Optimization
Working intimately with your product database, we ensure each listing is search-optimized, relevant, and visually enticing.
Price Point Analysis
Evaluating market standards and competitor pricing, we advise on strategic pricing, maximizing sales potential.
Customer Journey Mapping
From product discovery to checkout, we optimize each touchpoint, enhancing the user experience and conversion likelihood.
Shopping Ads

App Promotion Ads

Understanding the big role mobile apps play today, we design campaigns that reach the right people across various Google platforms. It's not just about getting downloads; we work to keep users active and engaged, ensuring your app truly stands out and delivers results.

Demographic Targeting
Understanding the mobile user landscape, our campaigns zoom in on high-potential user segments, maximizing installations and engagement.
Post-Install Analysis
Tracking user behavior post-installation, we provide insights on app utilization, ensuring long-term user retention. conversion.

Local Services Ads

Leveraging geo-targeting and insights from localized search behavior, we craft ads that emphasize community relevance and foster local trust. Our strategies ensure that regional enterprises achieve paramount visibility, effectively catering to their immediate customer base.

Geo-Targeting Proficiency
By analyzing local search trends and behaviors, we position your brand to connect meaningfully within specific locales.
Review & Reputation Management
Ensuring a positive online footprint, we actively manage reviews and feedback, enhancing local trust.
Local Services Ads
Retargeting-Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing and Retargeting:

Our remarketing campaigns are predicated on user behavior analytics. By ascertaining previous interactions with your digital platforms, we tailor ads that resonate, facilitating re-engagement and conversion optimization.

Behavioral Analysis
Delving into user interaction histories, we design campaigns that resonate with past visitors, turning potential drop-offs into active conversions.
Custom Audience Lists
Segmenting past visitors based on behavior, we tailor ad experiences that speak personally to each segment, enhancing re-engagement likelihood.

Performance Analytics and Reporting

Data-driven insights remain central to our modus operandi. Post-deployment, our teams engage in comprehensive metric analysis, generating reports that not only reflect campaign performance but also inform future strategies.

Monthly Digests
Each month, our clients receive an exhaustive report detailing campaign performances, insights, and actionable next steps.
Consultative Approach
Beyond mere reporting, we engage in proactive consultations, recommending strategic shifts based on evolving data trends.
Performance Analytics and Reporting
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