Barilla & Filiz Makarna's Digital Journey: A Global Initiative with Local Touch


Barilla, a hallmark of Italian culinary excellence and a family-owned pioneer in the FMCG sector, is celebrated for its high-quality pasta and sauces that epitomize Italian culinary tradition. To enhance its online presence and bridge the gap between authentic Italian flavors and digital engagement, Barilla initiated a strategic partnership with Poligon Interactive, focusing on comprehensive web development for both its global presence and local brand, Filiz Makarna. This collaboration reflects a commitment to showcasing the richness of Italian culinary heritage through digital innovation, highlighting Filiz Makarna's dedication to incorporating locally sourced products into its offerings.


The partnership aimed to achieve several key goals
Showcase Local and Global Culinary Excellence
Strengthen Barilla and Filiz Makarna's digital presence, emphasizing Filiz Makarna's unique position in using locally sourced ingredients to craft products that resonate with Italian tradition.
Elevate User Experience with a Local Touch
Develop dynamic, user-friendly websites that not only celebrate Italian culinary artistry but also highlight the local produce that sets Filiz Makarna apart.
Boost Online Visibility through SEO
Enhance the brands' search engine rankings with SEO strategies that spotlight their commitment to quality, tradition, and local sourcing.
Ensure Continuous Digital Engagement 
Keep Barilla Turkey's website up-to-date, integrating global standards with local market insights and product offerings.
Barilla Master Of Pasta
Barilla Strategies


To meet these objectives, Poligon Interactive implemented a comprehensive strategy
Web Development with a Local Flavor for Filiz Makarna
Launching a website that showcases Filiz Makarna's commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, blending traditional Italian recipes with the best of Turkey's agricultural produce.
Foundational SEO for Enhanced Discoverability
Employing SEO techniques focused on improving online visibility, emphasizing the unique selling proposition of local ingredients in Filiz Makarna's range.
Regular Maintenance and Updates
Keeping the localized Barilla Turkey website fresh with content that reflects both global brand values and Filiz Makarna's local product innovations.


This initiative led to significant digital enhancements
Innovative Web Platform for Filiz Makarna
Introduction of a new website that provides an immersive experience, highlighting the use of local Turkish ingredients in creating authentic Italian dishes.
SEO Optimization for Local and Global Appeal
Tailoring SEO strategies to spotlight Filiz Makarna's dedication to local produce, boosting its visibility to consumers seeking genuine Italian flavors crafted with Turkish ingredients.
Ongoing Website Enhancement
Continuous updates to Barilla Turkey's website ensure it remains relevant, showcasing the synergy between Italian culinary traditions and local Turkish produce.

Barilla Implementation
Barilla Works


The collaboration has achieved remarkable outcomes
Robust Digital Presence with Local Essence
Barilla and Filiz Makarna have enhanced their online footprint, successfully integrating the story of local ingredients into their digital narrative.
Improved User Experience
The Filiz Makarna website now offers a richer, more engaging user experience, effectively communicating the brand's unique blend of Italian tradition and local Turkish agriculture.
Increased Online Discoverability
Strategic SEO efforts have elevated the brands' search engine positions, making them more accessible to those seeking authentic culinary experiences enriched by local produce.
Sustained Innovation in Digital Engagement
The meticulous maintenance and frequent updates of the Barilla Turkey website continue to reflect the brand's dynamic approach to combining global culinary excellence with local product innovation.


Through this strategic partnership, Barilla and Filiz Makarna have not only strengthened their digital presence but also showcased how traditional brands can leverage digital platforms to celebrate the local origins of their products, ensuring that their rich heritage resonates in the modern digital landscape.
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