Taking Klimasan's Digital Presence to a New Level


Klimasan, a leader in Turkey's commercial refrigeration market, is renowned for its diverse range of high-quality cooling solutions, embodying reliability and innovation. To enhance its digital footprint and assert its dominance in the global market, Klimasan has embarked on a strategic partnership with Poligon Interactive. This collaboration focuses on comprehensive web development services for both Klimasan and its subsidiary brand, Şenocak, underscoring a unified commitment to digital excellence across its brand portfolio.


The partnership was forged with clear objectives in mind
Showcase Global Leadership
Establish a sophisticated online platform that reflects Klimasan's market leadership and showcases its extensive product range to a global audience.
Strengthen Brand Identity 
Create distinct, brand-aligned online presences for Klimasan and Şenocak, enhancing brand recognition and customer engagement.
Enhance Online Visibility
Implement basic SEO strategies to improve searchability and online visibility, ensuring top positioning in digital searches.


To achieve these goals, Poligon Interactive implemented a series of targeted strategies
Bilingual Web Development for Klimasan
Designing and developing state-of-the-art websites in both Turkish and English, offering a seamless user experience and broad accessibility to international customers.
Tailored Web Presence for Şenocak
Crafting a unique website for Şenocak that captures the essence of its brand identity and showcases its contributions to the refrigeration sector.
Basic SEO Implementation
Employing essential SEO techniques to optimize web content, enhancing the online visibility of Klimasan and Şenocak across search engines.


The collaborative efforts led to significant developments
Sophisticated Web Platforms
The launch of modern, user-friendly websites for Klimasan and Şenocak, equipped with intuitive navigation and designed to cater to both domestic and international markets.
SEO Optimization
Strategic optimization of web content to improve search engine rankings, making Klimasan and Şenocak more discoverable to potential customers online.
Analytics Integration and Monitoring
Incorporation of advanced analytics tools into Klimasan and Şenocak's websites to track user behavior, preferences, and engagement. This data-driven approach allows for ongoing optimization of content and user experience, ensuring that the websites evolve in response to customer needs and market trends.


This initiative has yielded tangible results
Elevated Digital Presence
Klimasan and Şenocak have enhanced their online visibility, attracting a broader audience and reinforcing their positions as leaders in the refrigeration market.
Improved Brand Recognition
The newly developed websites have successfully amplified brand identity and customer engagement, establishing a strong digital presence that aligns with the brands' values and market goals.
Increased Searchability
Basic SEO strategies have significantly improved the search engine positioning of Klimasan and Şenocak, driving increased traffic and potential customer engagement through organic searches.


By partnering with Poligon Interactive for comprehensive web development and SEO services, Klimasan has not only solidified its digital presence but has also set a new standard for innovation and excellence in the commercial refrigeration industry. This collaboration exemplifies how traditional manufacturing brands can leverage digital platforms to showcase their legacy, enhance brand visibility, and engage with a global audience more effectively.
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