Doyuyo's Digital Transformation with Poligon Interactive


Doyuyo, one of Turkey's fastest-growing fast-food chains, specializes in serving gourmet fried chicken using the finest ingredients and special recipes that have gained international popularity. To match its culinary excellence with an equally impressive digital presence, Doyuyo embarked on a strategic collaboration with Poligon Interactive. This partnership aimed to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and web development project to boost Doyuyo's brand awareness and streamline its home delivery services across various digital platforms.


The primary goals of Doyuyo's digital transformation initiative included
Enhance Brand Awareness
Elevate Doyuyo's brand presence online, making it a top choice for gourmet fast food among digital audiences.
Optimize Home Delivery Campaigns
Implement targeted digital marketing strategies to promote Doyuyo's home delivery services, ensuring convenience and accessibility for customers.

Streamline Online Experience
Develop a cohesive and user-friendly web ecosystem for Doyuyo and its franchise branches, improving customer engagement and online ordering processes.
Leverage Cutting-edge Technology
Utilize the latest in digital marketing tools and web technologies to drive traffic, engagement, and sales.
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Doyuyo
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Doyuyo


To achieve these objectives, Poligon Interactive tailored a multifaceted strategy incorporating
Comprehensive Web Development
Creating a main brand website alongside over 30 franchise branch websites, ensuring brand consistency and localized content for enhanced customer experience.
Innovative Digital Marketing
Deploying a mix of SEO, social media marketing, and targeted advertising campaigns to increase visibility and attract a broader audience.
User Experience Optimization
Focusing on website navigation, mobile responsiveness, and fast loading times to facilitate an effortless online ordering process.
Data-Driven Insights
Employing analytics and customer feedback to continuously refine digital strategies and website functionalities.


The collaboration saw the successful execution of several key initiatives
Website Development
Launching a central Doyuyo website and individual sites for franchise branches, each tailored to reflect the brand's ethos while catering to local tastes and preferences.
Brand and Delivery Campaigns
Implementing comprehensive marketing campaigns focusing on brand promotion and the convenience of home delivery, leveraging social media platforms and Google Ads to reach a wide audience.
Technical Enhancements
Integrating advanced web technologies for seamless menu navigation, online ordering, and customer support features across all digital touchpoints.
Performance Tracking
Setting up detailed tracking mechanisms to monitor website traffic, campaign effectiveness, and customer engagement, enabling ongoing optimization.
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Doyuyo
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Doyuyo


The partnership between Doyuyo and Poligon Interactive yielded remarkable outcomes
Increased Brand Visibility
The strategic digital marketing efforts significantly raised Doyuyo's online profile, attracting new customers and reinforcing brand loyalty among existing ones.
Enhanced Online Ordering
The revamped websites for Doyuyo and its franchise branches led to a smoother, more efficient online ordering system, boosting home delivery sales.
Improved Customer Experience
Users reported higher satisfaction with the ease of use and functionality of the websites, enhancing Doyuyo's reputation for quality service both online and offline.
Data-Driven Growth
The use of analytics and customer feedback has laid a solid foundation for future digital initiatives, ensuring Doyuyo's continued growth and innovation in digital marketing.


Doyuyo's digital transformation, spearheaded by Poligon Interactive, has not only boosted its brand and online presence but has also set a new standard for digital excellence in the fast-food industry. Through innovative web development and targeted digital marketing strategies, Doyuyo has successfully enhanced its customer engagement and streamlined its home delivery service, paving the way for future growth and success in the digital arena. This case study exemplifies how strategic digital initiatives can transform a brand, making it more accessible and appealing to a broader audience.
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